Reface Gallery - Process

Refacing is a great option if you want a new look without spending a fortune on remodeling. A beautiful new kitchen will be created without changing anything else in the room. Most refacing jobs take only 2 to 4 days, so disruption is minimal and you can still use the room even while the work is being done. A typical reface includes new doors, drawer boxes, drawer fronts, slide guides and hinges, as well as covering all exposed surfaces of the cabinetry with the material of your choice.

Refacing does not change the layout of the cabinets. What it does is, provide you with new exterior design options that can greatly improve the durability of your cabinets as well as add years of life to them. The materials for a reface are almost limitless; "Solid Wood" doors may be used in most all common species of lumber. For our wood doors and veneers, solid stain colors are available or you may prefer one of our specialized finishing techniques. "Thermofoil", in solid colors, wood grain patterns, or for those who wish to truly make a statement, take a look at our "New Exotic" High Gloss Thermofoils! The reface process goes as follows:

STEP #1 - The old doors, drawers and hardware are removed and taken away

When we reface your cabinets, we thoroughly inspect and repair any structural damage to make your cabinets appear and function as brand new.

STEP #2 - The face of the cabinets are sanded down to raw wood and cleaned.

Many homeowners are not thrilled with the look of the interior of their cabinetry and since during the reface process only the exterior of the cabinetry is revived by Precision Works, we recommend having the interior of any unsightly cabinetry painted by a professional painting contractor prior to the start of the reface (Precision Works does not reface, laminate or paint the interior of any cabinetry). When finished this will give you the "Like New" look inside and out you've been looking for. You'll be glad you did!

STEP #3 - We'll apply the veneer to the exterior of your cabinets by using an adhesive that is applied to the new laminate or veneer.

After which it is then applied to your cabinetry. The face laminate or veneer is then trimmed and filed smooth.

If you are looking for a more drastic change, consider installing a few new cabinets to alter the look a bit more.
In addition, new pull out or accessories shelves can also be installed to enhance the appearance and feel. Some exclusions apply.
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STEP #4 - New slide guides and drawer boxes are installed followed by the drawer fronts.

Everything is custom built for your reface. We have dozens of door styles to choose from and can reface most any existing kitchen or bath.

STEP #5 - Doors are then put on and adjusted. Knobs and handles are installed last.

Neither the kitchen layout, counter top, nor the amount of space available is affected by refacing your cabinets. Doors, drawer fronts, and hardware are replaced, leaving your current arrangement untouched. Not only does refacing cabinets improve the overall look of your kitchen, but it also greatly improves the durability of your cabinets. It helps protect and lengthen the life of your existing cabinetry, adding overall worth to your home.

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